Leasing Benefits

Leasing preserves established lines of credit

You can get new or used equipment, source of profit, without having to use your working capital.

Leasing means fixed payments

A leasing agreement is not affected by the fluctuations of bank rates.

Leasing is advantageous

The monthly payments can provide fiscal advantages. Also, the taxes are payable in monthly instalments rather than in advance.

Leasing helps you prevent obsolescence

This financing method gives you the flexibility you need to ensure that your company follows current trends and stays ahead of the competition.

Leasing is profitable

The monthly payments pay for the use of your equipment that generates profits.

Leasing protects against inflation

As a lessee, you pay for today’s equipment with tomorrow’s money. Regardless of the inflation rate, your payments remain the same.

Leasing allows you to diversify your sources of financing

It is a complementary financing to the banks. Keep your bank credit for other needs than equipment financing.